April 22nd, 2017

About The Battle for Chattanooga Series

Battle for Chattanooga is a series of four races commemorating this area's Civil War history. Races are held in locations where key events of the Battles for Chickamauga and Chattanooga occurred in the fall of 1863. Complete three of the four races to receive a custom-designed finisher's medal.

The 2017 Chickamauga Chase will not be eligible for Battle for Chattanooga.

Participating Races
The first race in the series will be November 2017, the remaining races will be held in 2018.
2018 race dates are not yet confirmed and may change.

Complete one eligible event in each of these two races:

Chickamauga Battlefield Marathon, Half-marathon, 5K & Jr. Marathon.November 12, 2017
    eligible events: Marathon, Half-marathon, 5K.
Chickamauga ChaseApril 21, 2018
    eligible events: 15K, 5K, 8-mile trail

Then, complete one of these two races:

King of the MountainMay 12, 2018
    event: 4-mile road race.
Missionary Ridge Road RaceAugust 11, 2018
    event: 4.7-mile road race.

Battle for Chattanooga participants must complete one eligible event in each of two races, and then complete only one of the two remaining races. Battle for Chattanooga is free; simply pay the registration fee for the selected races. Finishers' medals will be available for pickup at Missionary Ridge Road Race (2018) or can be mailed.

For rules and details go to http://chattanoogatrackclub.org/clubInfo.cfm?contentID=newsDetail&recid=889

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