April 22nd, 2017

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Q. Are dogs allowed in the races?
A. We strongly discourage dogs or any animals on the course. All events start together in very close, cramped, and crowded conditions. There is an actual gunshot start which may scare some animals. A competitive running event with hundreds of people in close quarters is not the place for a dog. Because the walk start is simultaneous with our competitive events, our race insurance would be voided if dogs were allowed. Dogs on a leash are welcome at the park and as spectators, but dogs' owners are fully responsible and liable for their pets at all times.

Q. Are baby joggers/strollers allowed in the 15K and 5K races?
A. No. Baby joggers/strollers are specifically prohibited by the terms of our insurance coverage and RRCA rules. However, we do encourage baby joggers/strollers in the Scenic Walk.

Q. Do I have to pay for my baby in the Scenic Walk?
A. Yes, but the entry fee is only $5 which includes a wee-ones t-shirt.

Q. Can someone ride a bike on the race course with me?
A. The Park is a beautiful place to ride a bike, however bicycles will not be allowed with participants on the course due to insurance regulations.

Q. Can I walk the 15K, Trail Race, or the 5K?
A. If you are a fast walker, you will be able to walk the 15K, Trail Race, or the 5K. The 15K course closes 2 hours and 15 minutes after the start which is a little over 14 minutes per mile. The Trail Race closes 2 hours after the start which is a fifteen minute mile. The 5K course closes 45 minutes after it starts which is a little over 14 minutes per mile.

Q. Can I run with my child in the Kiddie K?
A. Our insurance requires that everyone on our courses are registered, and adults are not allowed in the Kiddie K. However, if your child will not participate unless you are with them, you may stay with them but on the side so that you do not interfere with other participants. (The Kiddie K is held at the same time as the 15K, 5K, and Scenic Walk. If you plan to participate in one of these events, you will want to have another person stay with your child who is participating in the Kiddie K.)

Q. When will I find my finish time?
A. Preliminary results will be posted at the race as soon as they are known. If you are in the top three (3) of your age group in the 15K or 5K or first in your age group in the Trail Race, please try to stay for the 10:15 a.m. Awards Ceremony to receive your prize. If you are unable to stay, please try to find a family member or friend to pick up your award for you. (See Event Information Awards if no one will be at the ceremony.) Let race officials know right away if you see incorrect information on the preliminary results.

Q. Will the final results be posted?
A. Yes. Final results will be posted at the race as soon as they are known. They will also be posted on the Chickamauga Chase (ChickamaugaChase.com) and Chattanooga Track Club (ChattanoogaTrackClub.com) websites and may be posted in the Chattanooga Times Free Press on Sunday, April 23rd.

Q. Can I pay my entry fee with a credit card?
A. You can register with a credit card online on or before April 19th. You will be able to pay with a credit card at early registration/packet pickup on Friday, April 21st at Outdoor Chattanooga and on race day at The Park, however there will only be one credit card station. The line to pay by credit card Friday and Saturday may be very long. It is suggested that you plan to pay by check or cash.

Q. Can I pay my entry fee with cash before race day?
A. Yes. You can pay with cash (or check) on Friday, April 21st at Early Registration/Packet Packet Pickup at Outdoor Chattanooga. See Register In Person. Do not send cash in the mail.

Q. Can I pick up my friend's packet at Early Packet Pickup on the 15th?
A. Yes. You can pick up packets for your family and friends. The more packets that are picked up Friday means the lines for pickup will be shorter on race morning. Do not pick up a packet for anyone without their permission.

Q. Do I have to pick up my packet at Early Packet Pickup on the 15th?
A. No. You can pick up your packet on race day at the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park registration/start area (see http://www.chickamaugachase.com/travel/directions.cfm - scroll down to mid-screen for directions). However, the lines for pickup on race day may be long. Come early.

Q. Will I be able to register on race day?
A. Probably. The cap for all entries is 2000 with a 400 participant cap on the trail race, so we don't think the race will close. However, the entry fee goes up on race day. Save money and save waiting in long lines on race day, register early. Get early entry prices and pick up your packet on Friday, April 15th. For complete information see http://www.chickamaugachase.com/register/in_person.cfm and http://www.chickamaugachase.com/travel/directions.cfm for more information.

Q. Are there restrooms at the start and on the course?
A. There are port-o-lets at the registration/start area, however there are no restrooms on the course. There are no shower facilities in The Park.

Q. If I cannot come to the race, can I get my entry fee back or give my registration to someone else?
A. No. Entry fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and cannot be deferred to another year.

Q. Does my entry fee include a t-shirt?
A. Yes. Your entry fee includes a custom Chickamauga Chase adult size technical shirt or a youth size cotton shirt. Wee-ones 18 mo. and 3T shirts are cotton as well. Adult size tech shirts come in men's or women's fit. Youth size shirts come in unisex only.

Q. Can I get a different size t-shirt than the one I put on my registration form?
A. Maybe. If there are t-shirts in the size you want to change for left after everyone has picked up their packets on race day, you may change. If there are none remaining, you will have to keep the one you requested.

Q. What if my t-shirt size isn't available at registration/packet pickup.
A. If you were among the first 1200 registered, you are guaranteed the size t-shirt you registered for. If we are out of your size at packet pickup, we will get one for you and mail it to you at our expense. If you do not pre-register, you will need to select from the available shirts on race day.

Please send any registration questions to race director Mark Malecky at chickchase@chattanoogatrackclub.org.

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