April 22nd, 2017

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General William Lytle
General William Lytle

The 5K is a very popular, fast and mostly flat certified course (USATF GA12024WC). The 5K race has a simultaneous start with the 15K and Scenic Walk. All events stay together until just before the 2-mile mark on Glenn-Kelly Road. 5K runners will make a clockwise U-turn around the pylon and head south back towards the Wilder Brigade Monument (Tower) finish line. Please use caution approaching the U-turn, as 15K runners will be continuing straight, north. After making the U-turn please stay on the left side of the road until clear of oncoming runners. Runners heading south on Glenn Kelly Road will enjoy a different vista of Dyer Field looking back towards General Rosecrans headquarters. To the right is a trailhead leading to Lytle Hill, known for the place where Union Brigadier General William Lytle of Ohio was mortally wounded leading a counterattack on horseback. When the identity of his body became known, respectful Confederate soldiers placed an honor guard around his corpse. The Lytle Monument marks this spot. Shortly after Mile 2, 5K runners must make a right turn back onto Chickamauga Vittatoe Road, staying on the right side of the road to a turnaround cone where a sentry will send them back towards the finish. After the turnaround, runners head south then bear right again onto Glenn Kelly Road, encountering a slight uphill behind the Wilder Brigade Monument. On the right before the uphill, there is a wooded site leading to what is known as "Bloody Pond". The battle was fought at a time of severe drought. This stagnant cattle pond was crowded with wounded and dying men and animals in the words of Col. Wilder, "trying to quench the awful thirst of death from its reeking contents." It is said that their blood stained the water red. After cresting the hill behind the tower, runners pass Mile 3 then take a hard left turn into the field below the Wilder Brigade Monument to the finish.

The 5K course officially closes 45 minutes after the gun start. This is a little over a 14 minute mile. Participants remaining on the course may finish at their own risk and may not receive an official finish time.

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