April 22nd, 2017

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Scenic Walk

Wilder Tower
Wilder Tower

The Scenic Walk is a beautiful stroll of about 2.4 miles and is ideal for baby strollers/joggers. Infants and toddlers must be registered on a separate registration form from the person who will be pushing the stroller. However their entry fee is only $5 which includes a Chickamauga Chase wee-ones T-shirt. Scenic Walkers will begin behind the 15K and 5K runners. Please try to arrive at the start area early to get behind the runners. The starting area gets very crowded close to start time, and we don't want walkers to be run over by the racers as they begin. The Scenic Walk follows the 5K course, with the exception of the out and back distance section at the intersection of Glenn Kelly Road and Chickamauga Vittatoe Road near the Recreation Field parking area. Walkers go straight through this intersection and follow the 5K course up the gradual hill behind the Wilder Brigade Monument (Tower) to the Scenic Walk finish line at the sidewalk and parking area. There will be a Scenic Walk timing clock located there along with a sentry to direct you to the staging area for post race activities.

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